20 Makanan Unik dan Ekstrem di Dunia

20. The Golden Scorpion

19. The Eye in hand

18. The Zombie

17. The Kitty Litter

16. The EWWWW!!

15. The Rich Dragon

14. The Rodent

13. The Pooch

12. The Hannibal Lecter

11. The Twin Bride

10. The Dentist’s Dream

9. The Smokers’ Fest

8. The Human left-overs

7. The Anatomy Exam

6. The Complete Heart

5. The Ash Tray

4. The Dead Body

3. The BIG Booty Jeans

2. The Baby in a Cake

1. The Truth about Weddings

sumber :http://funkydowntown.com/funny-photos-from-the-web/


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